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About The Project

The idea for Virtually Dartmoor developed from the Dartmoor National Park Authority's "Moor Memories" oral history project which has been recording memories of the people of Dartmoor since the autumn of 2001 and has identified strong links between people and places on Dartmoor.

Together with oral history recordings that describe how life on Dartmoor was in the past, the project also collected archive photographs which illustrate many of the recorded memories - it was found that these two sources together created a powerful means of bringing the place to life and the idea of combining them into on-line virtual tours was developed.

In a partnership between the Dartmoor National Park Authority and the Dartmoor Trust, Virtually Dartmoor was created with initial funding from English Heritage and the Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund.

Virtually Dartmoor combines oral history recordings, and archive photographs, with 360° imagery and interpretations from experts, enabling exploration of various locations on Dartmoor through the voices of experience and knowledge.

Becky Newell
Oral History Project Officer
Becky Newell, Oral History Project Officer, talking to Edith Helley and Rose Partridge at Higher Uppacott in 2002 as part of the Moor Memories Oral History Project
Edith Helley nee Warren (left) with two of her sisters in the yard at Higher Uppacott c1927
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